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Hors D’oeuvres

Crab Shumai – Delicately Steamed Crab Dumplings w/ Scallion Soy

Filet Mignon on Onion Sourdough Rounds with Chipotle Mustard

Pistachio Grapes – Seedless Grapes Rolled in Gorgonzola & Crushed Pistachios

Seared Spiced Tuna with Avocado and Wasabi on Papadum Crisps

Corn Tortilla Cups with Guacamole and Roasted Corn Salsa

Sesame Chicken on Skewers w/ Peanut Dipping Sauce

Chevre Tartlets topped with Tricolor Pepper Chutney and Chives

Almond Parsley Chicken w/ Lemon Zest and Apricot Dipping Sauce

Smoked Salmon Profiteroles with Horseradish and Dill Cream

Mom’s Mini Meatballs in Tangy Sweet & Sour Sauce

Mac and Cheese Cupcakes Topped with Spicy Tomato Chutney

Portobello Mushroom Frites w/ Balsamic Aioli

Southwestern Corn Fritters Topped with Cranberry Pear Puree

Chilled Carrot Ginger Shooters with Crème Fraiche

Belgian Endive with Lemon Beets and Baby Lentils

Brie Caramel Topped with Berries and Sliced Almonds

Caviar Tartlets – Creamy Egg and Caviar on Toast Rounds

International Cheese Board with Fresh and Dried Fruit and Crackers

Mediterranean Platter with Vegetables, Spinach Dip, Hummus and Pita Toasts

Charcuterie: Sliced Smoked Sausages, Mustards, Olives and French Baguettes

Mini Pork or Chicken Sliders w/ with Spicy Red and White Slaw


Grilled Salmon Filet With Lemon Herb Sauce or Salsa Verde

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Over Confetti of Corn, Black Beans, Jicama and Cilantro

Cranberry Ginger Chicken Topped with Roasted Sliced Pears

Thai Beef & Vegetable Salad Over Vermicelli Noodles w/ Tamarind Cilantro Dressing

Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon Served with Mustard Cream Sauce

Tricolor Wild Rice Vinaigrette With Sundried Cranberries & Toasted Almonds

Israeli Couscous With Roasted Peppers, Mozzarella, Sun dried Tomatoes and Basil

Vermicelli Bean Noodles In Tangy Tamarind Dressing, with Sugar Snaps, Red Peppers, Napa Cabbage & Cilantro

Baked Rice Pilaf With Baby Peas, Golden Raisins and Toasted Pine Nuts

Organic Baby Field Greens With our Delicious Mustard Seed Vinaigrette

Fall Green Salad With Pecans, Pears and Gorgonzola in Mustard Seed vinaigrette

Seasonal Grilled Vegetables Drizzled with Balsamic Reduction

Harvest Grain Medley With Vegetables, Quinoa and Forbiddent Rice


Walnut Cloud Torte with Whipped Cream and Berries

Nuna's Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Norwegian Apple Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Crème Anglaise

New Orleans Bourbon Bread Pudding

Truffle Brownies with White Chocolate Chunks

Lemon Mousse with Fresh Raspberry Sauce

Miniature Fruit Tarts

Assortment of Cookies

Fresh Berries in Season